Reforestation Projects in Tanzania Donors
Thirty Schools: Thirty Thousand Trees Planted

Conservation Education & Reforestation Program in Tanzania

In cooperation with the Friedkin Conservation Fund MWF is sponsoring a conservation program within thirty Tanzanian secondary schools to address the critical environmental problems brought on by the practice of illegal and overzealous harvesting of trees. The wholesale logging of trees has caused enormous damage to Tanzanian wildlife habitat and agriculture. This reforestation program enables FCF to create a partnership with public schools in training students in the benefits of conservation and being good stewards of their land. The program provides greenhouses, conservation education and personal hands on training within thirty secondary schools.

Support a Tanzanian School:

A $1000 contribution supports the reforestation program within one school for an entire year including the construction of a greenhouse and all materials. $100 will sponsor ten students in their conservation efforts.

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Donor Benefits:


Sample of donor plaque.

  • Plaques will be placed at each of the schools sponsored by an individual, business or organization.
  • Donors will receive progress reports & be able to correspond with their sponsored school.
  • Donors can make a donation in any amount in honor of any individual.
  • Multiple donations honoring an individual may be combined to sponsor one or more schools in that individuals honor

Reforestation Projects in Tanzania Donors


  • Frank Brownell - In Honor of H. Wayne Sheets


  • Frances Nelson - In Memory of Steve Nelson
  • Scott Bohannon & Paul Derania - In Honor of David Bohannon


  • Emily & Dan Dibertin - In Memory of Steven E. Nelson


  • Joan Kroll - In Honor of Eva Kroll
  • Kati Lynn - In Honor of Jim Codding
  • Doug Eberhardt
  • Vince Maestri
  • Roger Evans - For the Madera 4H Club
  • Wayne Sheets - In Honor of Merill & Lillian Martin
  • Michelle Watson
  • Kurt Hauser
  • Burley A. Daye - In Honor of Bonnie M. Daye
  • Ted Dalzell
  • Tom Schaffer
  • Karen Destruel - In honor of Kendall Woodward


  • Carol Karsako
  • Mark Brownell
  • Mike Bruno


  • Cathie Nelson
  • Rich Doyle
  • Rene Lynn
  • E. Ortmann
  • Donna Suess
  • Sandy Froman
  • Diane Sheardown