Dedicated to wildlife
conservation worldwide

We advance grassroots efforts that protect wildlife and their habitats through on-the-ground conservation work and programs that cultivate future generations who will value and safeguard our natural resources.

Mzuri Wildlife Foundation invests in small, local conservation programs that make a big impact – from habitat enhancements and anti-poaching efforts to research on the forces impacting a species’ population growth.  We invest in programs that engage youth in the outdoors and educate individuals and communities about the importance of natural resource conservation.

Our Programs


March 12, 2022

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Grantee Partners

group of elephants drinking water

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Advancing environmental conservation in South Africa through wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and research, and community outreach and education.

Zimbabwe Leopard Research Program

Researching population trends to inform national planning, management and other policy decisions for the species.

Kids Outdoor Sports Camp

Introducing and engaging youth in outdoor experiences to cultivate future stewards of our wildlife, natural resources and the outdoor sports of shooting, fishing and hunting.


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