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There are indelible visions left in the soul of the sportsman: the flight that arrives over the blind in the brilliant red sunrise; the scampering flag of a whitetail deer; the dog-like bark and retreating hoofbeats of the bush buck; the bugling elk silhouetted in a reddish-blue patina at sunset. There are impressions of the great outdoor cathedral that motivate an unspoken oath dedicated to preservation.

Your gift – whether great or small – makes an immediate, significant and measurable impact on the success of our grantees and our organization. Thank you for supporting our work.

Ways to Give

Direct Donation

Invest in protecting the wildlife and wild places we treasure.

In Honor or Memory of Someone Special

A thoughtful way to honor or remember a friend or family member who values the work we do.

A Gift of Stock

For information on how to donate a gift of appreciated stock, please contact Holly Garrison, Executive Director, at (707) 742-4167 or at

Leave a Legacy

Leave a lasting and meaningful impact on wildlife conservation by making a gift through your estate plans. Our planned giving program enables you to use your assets — beyond your annual income — for charitable giving. Learn more

Mzuri Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity qualified under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3), making contributions to Mzuri tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Mzuri Wildlife Foundation’s tax identification number is #23-7074651.

“Thank you so much for donating money to KOSC so people like me can get scholarships. I had such a great time doing 3D archery and I can’t wait to use my skills out in the field.”

Katie, USA

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