Grantee Spotlight

iThemba Trust

iThemba Trust provides outdoor education programs for impoverished youth from rural areas of South Africa. Recent grants support the Back2Nature Program for the school’s 50 students. Children explore the natural world and learn about the importance of wildlife and their habitats. Grant funds also support scholarships for iThemba’s Outdoor Adventure Camps and Explorers Program which provide students with outdoor skills and an appreciation of nature. The positive connections the children form with the natural world help cultivate futures generations who will value and safeguard wildlife and their habitats.

Kids Outdoor Sports Camp

Kids Outdoor Sports Camp (KOSC) is dedicated to building youngsters’ outdoor skills by engaging them in a variety of outdoor sports and activities including shooting, fishing, archery, and hands-on conservation projects. Attendees learn about hunters education and safety while building strong connections to the outdoors and gaining an appreciation for wildlife conservation.

Water For Wildlife

Water for Wildlife works to protect and improve the water resources for wildlife that live in the drier western states of the U.S. Supplemental water sources installed by Water for Wildlife benefit a wide range of wildlife species including elk, deer, sheep, fox, bear, mountain lion, and a variety of birds.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, a California Waterfowl Association program, encourages more women to enter the world of outdoor sports. Participants learn a variety of outdoor skills from fishing, shooting and boating to game preparation, canning and leather-work. Attendees also have the opportunity to earn their hunters safety certification.

Zambeze Delta Motorcycle Anti-Poaching Unit

The Zambeze Delta Motorcycle Anti-Poaching Unit, an initiative of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, is a key component of the conservation efforts in this 2.7 million acre region of the Zambeze Delta. 2020 grant funds will purchase 2 new motorbikes for the anti-poaching efforts.

Wildlife Conservation Science Education Seminars

California teachers, many of whom lack the opportunity to teach conservation science in their schools, learn how to effectively use the outdoors as a living classroom through this California Waterfowl Association program.  They also are exposed to the shooting sports and the hunter’s role in wildlife habitat conservation.

Zimbabwe Leopard Research Program

This five-year research program is providing population data to evaluate the impacts of hunting and other human activities on the Zimbabwe leopard in order to inform future policy decisions.  Project activities also contribute to local anti-poaching efforts.

group of elephants drinking water

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust

Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust advances environmental conservation in South Africa through wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and research, and community outreach and education. Recent grant funds are supporting VFWT’s Lion Conservation Program in northwest Zimbabwe.  The project minimizes the negative impacts of wildlife crime on the lion population through the removal of wire snares from wildlife and treating animals impacted by malicious toxin poisonings.

Other Recent Grantees

Women on Target

Women are the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports. The National Rifle Association’s Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics are designed to engage more women in the shooting sports. These clinics provide introductory firearms safety training in a positive, supportive environment.

Dogs in Defense Against Poaching

Detection dogs are trained to combat the escalating issue of poaching and security in Israel’s national parks and nature preserves.  Grants from Mzuri support the purchase and training of additional detection dogs.

Veteran Hunt Program

This California Waterfowl Association program provides no-cost hunting and fishing trips for 350 veterans annually.

Greenwings Youth and Education Programming

In order to cultivate hunter-conservationists, Ducks Unlimited’s Greenwings Program cultivates hunter-conservationists among preschool and elementary-aged children through events, communications and wildlife education materials.

SCI American Wilderness Leadership School

This hands-on outdoor program hosted in Jackson Hole, Wyoming teaches educators how to use the outdoors as a classroom. Educators learn to incorporate conservation education lessons into existing K-12 math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education and art classes

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