Wildlife Conservation

Since our founding in 1969, half of the world’s wildlife has disappeared. Partnering with grassroots organizations around the world, we are working to reverse this trend. 

We seek out and support high-performing programs where our grant funds can make a pivotal difference to the project’s success. We invest in programs that protect wildlife populations through on-the-ground habitat enhancement and anti-poaching activities, wildlife research, community outreach, and other natural resource preservation efforts. The wildlife protections we support benefit all species of native plants and animals in the region. Healthy habitats support both flora and fauna that, once lost, are lost forever.

Protecting the Zambeze Delta with Anti-Poaching Motorbike Unites

This program, an initiative of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, is a key component of the conservation efforts in this 2.7 million acre region of the Zambeze Delta.

Enhancing Water Resources in the Arid Western US

Water for Wildlife has installed over 500 water projects in arid regions of the western United States to protect a wide variety of wildlife and their habitats. 

Zimbabwe Leopard Research Program

The Zimbabwe Leopard Program is providing important baseline and trend data on leopard populations to assist in determining the impacts of hunting on the species and to inform future policy decisions.

“Thank you for supporting us to go on iThemba Trust’s Adventure Camp. I learnt many skills. The most fun part was when we went hiking on the mountains, going through rivers, making fire by using nature materials. I really enjoyed the camp.”

Buntukazi, South Africa

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