How to Apply

The Mzuri Wildlife Foundation has one funding cycle each year.  Formal grant applications are accepted only in the fourth quarter of each calendar year for consideration in the first quarter of the following year. Please follow the steps below to apply for funding.

Letter of Inquiry Deadline: September 15th 

Formal Grant Application Deadline: November 1st 

Grant Notification: The following March 

Grant Size: Grant awards typically range in size from $5000 to $15,000

Step One: Determine if Your Project is Eligible 

First, review our Wildlife Conservation and Outdoor Sports & Education Programs to ensure that your organization or project fits with Mzuri’s grantmaking priorities.  

Second, review our Grantmaking Guidelines to determine if your organization fits our funding criteria. 

Step Two: Complete Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

We invite grant applicants to submit brief letters of inquiry as outlined below. These allow you to quickly and concisely communicate the main ideas of your project and your organization without the burden of providing extensive financial and organizational information. An organization that has received grant funding from Mzuri Wildlife Foundation in the last two years is not required to submit an LOI. Letters of inquiry must be submitted no later than September 15th to be considered for funding in the following year.

The letter of inquiry should include:

  • The requesting organization’s name, tax ID number, and its mission statement.
  • The organization’s mailing address, its website address and the contact information for the officer(s) responsible for directing the funding.
  • Proof of the organization’s tax-exemption or proof of a U.S.-based fiscal sponsor.
  • The organization’s annual budget.
  • The amount of the grant request and the total project cost.
  • A summary of how the proposed grant will be spent, if awarded.
  • A detailed description of how the proposed grant will be spent, if awarded, including:
    • The goal(s) of the work or project to be funded by the grant.
    • The expected duration of the work funded by the grant.
    • The anticipated impact on wildlife or outdoor education.
    • If the grant is to be combined with other monies, an explanation of the amounts and sources of those funds.

LOIs are reviewed on an ongoing basis. In most cases we will respond within six weeks of receipt. 

Step Three:  Complete Formal Grant Application

If you are an existing grantee or if your LOI has been approved, we will send you a formal grant application.  Grant applications from organizations that have not been invited to apply cannot be considered.

Please complete the entire application with all attachments in the format we provide.  Financial data must reported in US dollars.  If you have questions about the application, please feel free to email us at Grant applications must be submitted by November 1st to be reviewed in the first quarter of the following calendar year. We will let you know of our decision by the end of the first quarter.  

Email the completed application in PDF format to:

Reporting Procedures

All grantees are required to submit reports on progress achieving the goals, objectives, and outcomes identified in the proposal.  Please download the Grant Report and answer all questions.  

To be considered for future grant awards, grantee organizations must submit Final Reports by December 1st.  

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