The Bhejane Trust


The Bhejani Trust is a small non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the wildlife in Zimbabwe’s national parks. Through a formal partnership with the Zimbabwe Parks Authority, Bhejane assists the country’s parks and the wildlife management teams with anti-poaching efforts, water enhancement and habitat restoration projects, wildlife research, and other activities.

One of Bhejane’s most important focus areas is reviving and establishing water supplies in Zimbabwe’s parks. These projects provide a unique double-win. They improve water supplies in arid areas that desperately need it while better dispersing wildlife populations and alleviating pressure among water points. Just as important, these strategically-placed water sources encourage animals to stay well within park boundaries and away from human-wildlife conflicts areas where animals are often destroyed.

To date, Bhejane has 49 pumps—most of which are solar, a huge technological leap—pumping over one million liters per day. As many as 16,000 elephants drink from their watering points a day. Grant funds from Mzuri Wildlife Foundation are assisting with the installation of a new and permanent water supply in Hwange National Park, a region suffering from a severe and prolonged drought.

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