Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust


The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust works in Southern Africa to advance environmental conservation. The Trust accomplishes this through hands-on wildlife research, the management of a wildlife veterinary diagnostic laboratory and rehabilitation facility, and the education of local peoples in the sustainable use of indigenous resources.

Mzuri Wildlife Foundation is a major contributor to the Trust’s Lion Conservation Program in North West Zimbabwe. The lion population in this area is a critical link to the larger regional population in Botswana and Hwange National Park. This is one of only six major lion populations remaining in the whole of Africa. Key program activities include:

  • Rescue, treat, and release snared carnivores and prey base animals.
  • Work with local stakeholders to deploy anti-poaching units and game scouts in protected areas.
  • Immunize domestic animals from rabies, distemper and other diseases that can spread to the lion population.
  • Collar and monitor cat movements and provide an early warning system to adjacent communities for lion that could cause conflict and kill livestock.
  • Respond to poisoning incidents, treat affected animals, and assist wildlife authorities and police in crime scene investigations and toxins testing.

Mzuri has also supported other Trust programs including its youth conservation education program. This program brings school children from local schools in Victoria Falls and surrounding rural areas to the Trust’s facilities to have a fun day learning about wildlife and the important role it plays for Africa. Most of these children live in direct wildlife interface areas and only experience wildlife when they raid a family’s crops or kill livestock. By working with children from a young age, the program aims to change people’s negative perceptions of wildlife.

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“Thank you for supporting us to go on iThemba Trust’s Adventure Camp. I learnt many skills. The most fun part was when we went hiking on the mountains, going through rivers, making fire by using nature materials. I really enjoyed the camp.”

Buntukazi, South Africa

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