Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching Unit


The Zambeze Delta in central Mozambique is one of the richest natural environments in Africa. This wetland ecosystem covers 2.7 million acres and is home to diverse and abundant wildlife including many water birds of international concern. Due to its significant biodiversity, the Delta was declared Mozambique’s first Ramsar Wetland Site of International Importance.

The Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching Unit (APU), an initiative of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, is a key component of wildlife conservation efforts in this area. Years of civil war and continuous bushmeat poaching decimated the legendary concentrations of wildlife populations. The APU has been instrumental to the complete rebound of the wildlife which now thrive throughout the Delta.

The APU consists of 30 trained and dedicated rangers. Mounted on motorbikes and supported by helicopter back-ups and foot patrols, the APU has systematically removed most of the poaching activity in the Delta’s core wildlife areas. Motorbikes allow the APU to patrol an area eight times larger than the area covered by foot patrols alone. In addition, the motorbikes are a highly effective tool in capturing poachers who are typically on foot. Mzuri Wildlife Foundation has funded many of the motorbikes now used by the APU.

Website: Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching Unit

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